Involved In A Car Accident? Here’s What To Do

Car accidents can be really confusing, shocking, and frightening. If you have been in a car accident, take care of yourself and your loved ones as soon as possible. Our guide gives you 10 things to do when involved in a car accident and how to handle the legal side of things.

  1. Stay calm. Not only are you dealing with the physical injuries sustained in the crash, but you also have to deal with the emotional toll. Take deep breaths to help you stay calm and make better decisions.
  2. Call the police if there are car accident injuries. The police will be able to assess the situation and create an official report of the accident, which can be helpful if you decide to take legal action.
  3. Gather information. Write down the other driver’s and passengers’ names, addresses, and contact information. You may also need to ask for the driver’s license numbers and insurance company names of all drivers involved.
  4. Refrain from saying “sorry”. You admit that you are at fault when you apologize. Being polite may seem like a good idea, but it can worsen the situation.
  5. Write down the information of witnesses. Witnesses can be incredibly helpful in determining who was at fault in an accident. You can use their statements about what they saw as evidence in a court case. Get the contact information of all witnesses, including their names, email, phone numbers, and addresses.
  6. Take photographs. Take photos of the scene and damage on both cars. It helps in the event of an insurance claim or lawsuit. Make sure to take pictures of injuries as well.
  7. Do NOT call an insurance company. After a car accident, most people automatically call their insurance company. It’s best not to speak to your insurance company until you have received legal advice from your car accident lawyer. Reach out to our law firm, Liberman Law Group, at (323) 931-5577 to protect your rights and ensure evidence isn’t lost.
  8. Seek medical treatment immediately. Some injuries may not appear until later. Seeking medical attention promptly will help document the injuries for a potential lawsuit. Some people might refuse an ambulance at first because they don’t want to pay for it. However, the cost of the ambulance and hospital visit will be settled by our firm. They won’t have to pay for it.
  9. Do NOT post anything on social media. This includes pictures, videos, and even statements about the accident. Anything you post could be used as evidence against you.
  10. Be careful who you talk to about your accident. You may inadvertently give away too much information to the wrong person, or you could say something that hurts your case later on. You could also end up talking to an insurance adjuster who is trying to get information from you.

Should I hire a personal injury lawyer if I’m not injured?

As stated earlier, some injuries may take days to appear. If you drive away from the scene, without taking the steps mentioned above, it will be harder for you to make a personal injury claim.

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